Food Intake

Food Intake – 1 Day
Brenda Guzman
SCI 220 Human Nutrition
Martin G. McCullough
July 15, 2011

      Food Take – 1 Day
      Many people do not know how many nutrients are needed on an everyday diet. I am part of that people. What I noticed is that I needed more vegetables and fiber foods on my diet. These nutrients are what I am missing in my everyday diet. If I add these nutrients to my everyday diet, it will help me get better in my eating habits and probably give me better energy to go on during the day at work or at a normal day basis. I eat what I am supposed to eat everyday and I also workout what I am suppose to, but there are some nutrients that are missing, and those missing nutrients are vegetables and fiber. By eating these proper foods, my diet will start to balance it self and I will be in a good healthy stage that will help my body and help my health day by day.
My body is getting the nutrients that I need, I am pretty healthy, I drink plenty of water and eat my 3 meals a day. I eat plenty of meat and poultry and eat plenty of fruits, but one of the things that I need to eat more is vegetable to have a better diet. Vegetables are the one of the nutrients that I need to eat for my body (Butler, 2010) To get my body stronger so I could become 100% healthier on my diet. There are pretty negative numbers of vegetable nutrients showing in my diet. I will start eating more vegetables in my diet so my body could start getting the better nutrients that I need to get in my diet. Salads will be added to many of my meals, to help my diet get the proper vegetable nutrients and get healthier. By eating vegetables I will produce my body with better vitamin a nutrients and I will get better with my senses. Vegetables are one of the top foods that are needed on a good diet; by me not eating them I do not have my diet balance I need to produce my body with more vegetables everyday.

The other nutrient that I need is fiber in my diet. I...