Food Intack

Food Intake — 1 Day
Jerome Vaughn
SCI/220 – Human Nutrition
Jane Henry

Food Intake — 1 Day
Nutritional monitoring is essential science that helps us to impart in a healthier lifestyle.   Maintaining a healthy weight or losing unwanted pounds must include a manageable dietary plan.   It is stressful to define nutrition in a growing fast food society that dietary efforts are becoming a foreign subject in America.   In other words, nutrition is the science of food, the nutrients and other substances therein, their actions, interactions, and balance in relation to health and disease and the process by which the organism ingests, digests, absorbs, transports, utilizes, and excretes food substances.
(Barone, 1978) For instances, as a classroom assignment I was direct to log on to Wiley i-profile to assess my diet and energy balance in daily intake.   Furthermore, the website contains information on calorie intake, my current activity levels, the vitamins and breakdown of fats in my daily intake.   In addition, my dietary breakdown will be discuss and analyzed to educated myself along with many others on how to manage calorie intake.  
As, a result of my nutrition profile it includes that my calorie intake was higher than I envision. Furthermore, fats, proteins and cholesterol levels could be monitor to give a better balance.   I have realized the uneven balance of fruits and vegetables in my daily intake percentage.   Likewise, the calorie intake for my daily recording entailed I have 30 % more intakes needed to maintain a healthy weight limits. Furthermore, I agree with the results that state that my dietary balance is uneven and needed to be regulated.   As a matter of fact, the profile raises my awareness for high cholesterol and heart disease.
On my dietary reference intake there were areas I did not consume enough of energy and nutrients recommended.   In contrast, there were places on the DRI that shown my intake at a higher percentile.   In...