Focus Point Holdings Berhad

Focus Point Holdings Berhad

About The Company
A Focused Vision
The Focus Points Holdings Berhad started out with one humble outlet in the backwaters of Muar town in 1989. As a small outfit, the company had little restheirces and carried a small range of products, perhaps, just enough to serve the community in a small town. Even back then, the vision of their future was clear to the company – they knew they wanted to grow and thus, they persisted to stay on focused.

The company embraced change in the industry. They cultivated innovation. They stood by professionalism. They served the community. These ethics have progressed with them throughout their years in business – providing us change, growth, and sustainability.

Through their focused vision, that one outlet had led them to succeed in their subsequent expansion into different towns and states; eventually achieving 175 outlets nationwide and the numbers are still counting. In the span of 24 years, their annual sales had grown to RM130.6 million. As the country’s leading professional eye care and eyewear retailer, Focus Point is headed to become a leading retail name in vision care in Asia. (Focus Point Vision & Mission, 2014)

Embracing change and cultivating innovation
Like the rest of the world, the company embraces a knowledge-based economy where innovation and technology are key to staying ahead of competition. They continuously innovate their business to add value to their practice in providing professional eye care services. Focus Point started many ʻfirstsʼ in Malaysia – they were the first and only to operate a fully-equipped mobile optical unit; first to open the largest optical city in Mid Valley with the largest range of eyecare and eyewear brands; first to successfully embark on an optical franchise programme; and first optical chain to belisted in the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Professionalism as code of conduct
The eye care and eyewear industry is a...