1) Chart showing the different stages of Development against different ages


Physical Development:

|                         |                                     |                                                             |
|Age Range                 |Description of Stage                 |Impact on Development                                         |
|0-3 years                 |Period of fast physical development. |During their first year they gradually learnt to have more   |
|                         |New born babies have little control   |control developing a degree of mobility such as crawling or   |
|                         |over their bodies. Their movements   |rolling. During the second year they will continue to grow   |
|                         |are dependent on a series of         |and develop quickly and usually begin to walk, climb and     |
|                         |reflexes, which they need in order to|start using their hands for pointing, holding and feeding     |
|                         |survive.                             |themselves. By their third year children will start to have   |
|                         |                                     |much more control being able use cups, feed themselves, use   |
|                         |                                     |pencils and turn pages. They will be able to walk and run     |
|                         |                                     |with more confidence.                                         |
|3-7 years                 |Children at this stage are growing in|Have more control over fine motor skills such as writing,     |
|                         |confidence and are able to carry out |drawing and cutting. They will also be able to do activities |
|                         |more co-ordinated movements.         |such as running, kicking a ball, hopping etc.                 |
|7-12 years               |As children continue to grow and...