Fundamentals of E-Business

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1 | Introduction | 2 |
2 | Segmentation | 3 |
3 | Online Customer Relationship Management | 6 |
4 | Pricing | 8 |
5 | Individual Reports of Group Members | 10 |
6 | References | 25 |
7 | Bibliography | 26 |

In this time of globalisation and major developments in information technologies, E business has evolved as one of the most important aspects for an organisation to be successful and at the same time to be competent at the local or global level.
In this group report we would be looking into the effects of E-business activity on an organisation. For this particular report our target industry is the newspaper industry and the three newspapers selected for this particular purpose are as follows:
  1. The Independent
  2. The Indianexpress
  3. The Metro.
The overwhelming success of the internet has completely transformed the way businesses are done. The benefits that the companies as well as the customer get out of internet are tremendous and that’s why almost every industry has a substantial presence in the E-business field. The Internet has become an integral part of every person’s life and the benefits that people are getting through use of internet can be seen as one of the main reasons why companies need to have their presence over the internet.
The rapid changes in the information technology have made it necessary for the newspaper industry to get into E-Business field. Traditionally the newspapers are paper based but in the last few years the number of internet user has increased by an substantial amount and more and more people now want to read the newspaper on their laptops i.e. online and hence due the huge increase in the demand of e-paper almost all the Newspaper companies had to shift their focus from the traditional way of doing their business to E-business or else they would lose the market edge or lag behind their competitors.
E-Business in the...