Focus on the Learner


The profile should consist of the following:

Learning background you should talk to your learner to find out about their educational
and language learning background. Write one paragraph on this and comment on how
you think your learner’s background affects their learning. For example, you could say
that because X studied only grammar at school they have little confidence speaking.

Learner style Observe your learner in class and note their reaction to different activities
(open class, pair work, group work etc.) and different lesson types (grammar, speaking
reading etc.). Decide what learning style your subject has. (You   can refer to pp. 42 to
44 of The Practice of English Language Teaching (3rd edition) by Jeremy Harmer for a
description of different learning styles. Please reference this material, if you use it e.g.  
Hedge, T. 2000. Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom. Oxford University

Language and skills During the first 10 days, observe your learner in TP and collect
information on their English language learning weaknesses and needs. You should
listen for problems with

- grammar
- vocabulary
- pronunciation.

You should also consider your learner’s ability in the following areas:
- reading   - listening
- speaking - writing

You need to discuss all of the above areas, backing up your claims with a specific
example/examples. For example, “X only uses the simple present when talking about
the future e.g. I buy ticket tomorrow which could be confusing for people she talks to,
particularly if the time marker   tomorrow is not included”.   Alternatively, “X reads very
slowly and seems very dependent on her dictionary. She needs practice in learning to
skim read so she can gain confidence in   having understood the gist of texts before
focusing on detail”.

To help you collect more information, you can also ask your learner to...