Focus on the Learner

Focus on the Learner – Interview with Ali and Ruth

1. What are their interests?

Ali - she enjoys learning English, golfing, traveling and sometimes cooking when she is in a good mood.   Also, she likes hanging out with her friends at parks, she said doing things like BBQing and stuff like that
Ruth - she likes cycling and golfing but she is still struggling learning how to golf, she loves to travel and swimming.   Also, she likes to ski in the winter

2. What do they do for a living?

Ali - She is at the university and has a part time job working as a finical managers assistant
Ruth - does not work right now, but wants to find a job

3. How long have you been learning English?

Ali and Ruth - couldn’t really tell me how long, they say for years

4. Do they have any specific reasons for learning English?

Ali - She is taking english to improve her English for job opportunities and she thinks its fun
Ruth - She doesn’t work now, so she doesn’t want to just sit around and waste time so she is learning English

5. Do they like learning English? Why?

Ali - Yes, she likes it because it helps her communicate with others while traveling.  
Ruth - Yes, because she wants to find a job and thinks learning English will help

6. In their previous learning experience, what kinds of methods were used?

They both said that using English as the language in the course was the main method she did to learn.

7. What did they enjoy about their previous learning?

Ali - meeting new people and to continue learning
Ruth - enjoyed practicing her English

8. Which areas of their English do they feel they need to work on?

Ali - she said she needs help with her grammar because she still mixes things up a lot
Ruth - She needs help with listening, usually people speak to quickly and she has trouble understanding them