Flame Between Two People

So many Millennium Produced women do not know what it means to make a man a feel like a man. Too many of us have become so “independent” and seemingly self sufficient that we act as if having a good man is like having a Prada purse. Our mentality is like, “If he starts to look worn, I'll just get a new one.” NO! A good man is worth the struggle through the hard times. A good man is worth the extra hours of work, and extra nights without sleep trying to resolve a disagreement so that you do not go to bed mad. A good man should reserve the right to know that his woman will be the very blood in his veins should he need a supply. At any given moment he should be able to say, “I know she loves me” and doubt.
Through careful study and plenty of experience, I have learned a couple of things about our counterparts. First of all, no matter what they say or portray, they too want to be loved. They want to know that the woman who claims to love them so much, (when she gets suspicious enough to check his phone for recently received and or dialed calls), will be there for them when it gets rougher then rough.
When money is tight and she cannot go shopping at the mall with her girlfriends over the weekend, will she still put her man first? When he comes home from a hard week of work, can she make him feel like he is the king of their domain?Can she put her own needs aside for a little while and cater to his every wish? Can she for just a moment see him as the center of her soul and not the source of her funds or security blanket she cannot sleep without? Can she support him when he comes up with a new idea and asks her opinion? Can she keep their business between just the two of them and not run to tell her best friend every time something transpires? Can she cease to question him about every little thing? Can she be understanding of his inner most desires and nurture his deep, even at times unknown to even himself, needs? Can she take him out every so often, and open his car...