Five Ways to Kill a Man Summary Isc


In this poem the poet brings out the theme of loss of humanity. He tells us about how humanity has been depleting gradually and man wants to kill his fellowmen. Man is searching and inventing new ways to kill each other. The poem talks about how killing and bloodshed is futile and worthless. The poem also dwells on the fact that as time is passing by, the world is advancing with technology and man has started to become more evil and wicked and use technology to find new ways of killing men. He talks about the insensitiveness and lack of values in the modern times.
In the first stanza, the poet talks about the primitive and ancient ways of killing and torture*. He uses the crucifixion of Jesus to expound this. He brings out the biblical reference and tells us how Jesus was ruthlessly left to die. He calls this “Cumbersome ways to kill a man”. For this way, he tells us, a huge crowd of people. “You can make him carry a plank of wood to the top of a hill and nail him to it”. Jesus was nailed to a cross of wood and was made to climb the Golgotha hill. Earlier, St. Peter denied thrice the fact that he was in the company of Jesus and knew him. The cock crowed to remind Peter that Jesus had predicted how peter would deny knowing him. Jesus was asked to remove his coat which was then dissected. People were all ready wearing their sandals, to watch the crucifixion. This speaks about the inhumane nature of people who would watch Jesus die but not help him to avoid trouble for themselves.

The second stanza talks about the medieval ages and their ways of killing. In these ways, “you can take a length of steel” which signifies the use of metal weapons to kill men. The steel would be shaped in traditional agricultural tool styles. This is a reference to the Wars of Roses (1455-1485), a series of dynastic wars fought between the Houses of Lancaster and York, for the throne of England. There, the knights foolishly slaughtered each other with hook...