To Kill a Mockingbird

Plot Summary
The narrator claims that there’s a man in the habit of hitting him in the head with an umbrella, and been hitting him for 5 years. He describes a man who wears a grey suit, is average in appearance, and has a common face. The narrator does not know his name. One day the narrator is reading a newspaper in Palermo Park, when suddenly this man begins to hit him on the head with an umbrella. At first the narrator thought he was crazy, but as he continued to hit him the narrator punched him in the face. He stood back up and continued to hit him with the umbrella. The narrator tries to escape, beginning to run. The man with the umbrella follows him, while still hitting him. The narrator thinks about calling the police, but wonders who they would arrest in this bizarre situation. The narrator began to go home, taking the bus. The man with the umbrella followed him all the way home right to his door, still hitting him. Finally, the narrator decides to try and slam the door in his face, but it is read by the man, who stops the door. This man has been hitting him for 5 years, without eating or sleeping. The only activity he does is hit the narrator. The narrator then wonders if the only way to stop him is to shoot him, but is confused as to who it would be better to kill, the man or himself. As a result of 5 years of hits on the head by an umbrella, he realizes he cannot live without these hits. He experiences anxiety from the possibility that at any time the man will leave and he will become crazy from not getting those hits on the head that he has been used to.
Plot Graph
Introduction -protagonist describes the antagonist (unknown name, average in appearance, grey suit, has a common face)
-protagonist explains he was in Palermo Park reading the newspaper

Trigger -the man in the grey suit hits the protagonist on the head with an umbrella

Rising Action -protagonist is surprised, and in return punches the man in the face
-the man continues to hit in...