Of Mice and Men



Nice person
Loves Lennie
Doesn’t want to hurt him
Doesn’t want him to get hurt
Wants to be with him.
Wants somebody to travel with.
Been taking care of him.

My client, George Milton, is a very loving man and it’s not everyday that you see a man like George Milton. He loved Lennie Small. He enjoyed taking care of Lennie Small and, your Honour, from what my client has explained to me, he is perfectly innocent. He was only being good to his companion that is all he ever was.

George Milton also told me about the boss’s son, known as Curley. Curley was gonna kill Lennie Small like an animal, by tying him up, beating him, torturing him and shooting him in the guts. A slow, brutal, torturous, cruel way to kill a man and my client was only trying to help. Now….you may call George Milton a murderer, but I would call him a friend. A swell guy to be with. Reliable and loyal.  

George Milton didn’t want to watch Lennie Small, a man with limited intelligence, be thrown into a cage and sent to the ‘booby hatch’. Mr Milton said that where ever he and Lennie went, Lennie always got into trouble. Not intentionally, no malice – just accidentally. Such as the time when they were working in Weed – Lennie saw a woman in a red dress and wanted to touch it. To feel it. The woman was startled which scared Lennie. This made Lennie hold onto the dress even tighter. When he did let go, the woman ran to the workers on the ranch and told them that she had been raped. Mr Milton and Mr Small had to hide in a ditch and all because Lennie Small didn’t know his own strength.

Lennie would never do anything malicious. He just wasn’t a clever man. A bit slow, your Honour.

George Milton didn’t end the life of Lennie Small because he wanted to. Compassion and kindness were the motives as he didn’t wish to see his friend suffer at the hands of animals like Curly and his lynch mob.

George and Lennie knew each other...