101 Ways to Kill Bestbriend

The Essay A system for successful essay writing 1
2. What is an Essay? 2
3. It is NOT » A book summary » A “book report” » A book review 3
4. It IS an essay that: » Presents a » Focuses on a focused literary part of argument about the book that literary (theme, part. conflicts, » Is supported by character specific details development, and quotes that etc.) are explained. 4
5. What are the key parts of the essay? 5
6. Start Taking Essay Notes Now! 6
7. Introduction » Restate the essay question, topic » Outline your main arguments » Should only be a few sentences long » Grab the reader’s attention 7
8. Question » Were the publishers right to have included photos from the movie in the book? 8
9. Example C/B Grade This essay will discuss why the Restates publishers in Boyce’s novel the Millions were wrong to have question included photo from the movie in the novel. It will look at how the photos Outlines disrupt reading of the points novel, weaken the spine of the book and add to the cost. 9
10. Example A* » Book publishers use various techniques to sell their product, one of which is to capitalise on the popularity of any movie made from the book. This essay will examine the disadvantages of placing photographs from the movie Millions in the Boyce’s novel of the same name. It will look at the increased cost to the consumer through the inclusion of photographs as well as structural concerns over the strength of the novel’s spine, before outlining issues regarding the photographs impact on the reading of the novel. 10
11. Your turn » Is this book suitable for year 8 study? Why, why not? 11
12. The novel ‘Millions’, by Frank Cottrell Boyce, is not suitable for year 8 study. It is does not include excitement and adventure to engage twelve year olds so the novel seems drawn out and uninteresting. It also includes inappropriate subject matter that may offend some year 8 students. 12
13. The Body » Organise arguments and paragraphs logically » Use topic sentences...
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