Fastrack Call Taxi Service Business Model

Fastrack call taxi service   business model  
                                                            -By   Lawrence adaikalam ..
Initially ter   Is only 400 cars from fastrack
Branding making available the same phone number for all places
40 points - various car   will be available at 40 different locAtions it will be available at 40 destination places
Kms will be calculated from wic place it has started ... Old business model is not so convenient .. Two way charged..
New business model
There will be car available at imp locations like VIT , cmc
Low cost strategy ..
Wen ever the company gets the call they will find the location of the customer they Wil save the fuel , usage increases
Nw one way chArged two ppl can use the car at the same time ... Two person get benefits at the same time..
Less charge first time in India   since 2000
  They created many owners .. Not employees
They have 11000cars in South India.. They are service barriers ..who   Connect ppl
For business development they expanded the   business... By sharing the Job to many ppl
In this process, from call centre customer driver relationship starts and ends wen the trip gets over through msg and call CRM
Crm   33000 pick up per day..
Using mob apps we can track drivers
50 percent cars started gps tracking services started nw..
Female customer Wil be   provided safety   service...   First time form fastrack
Especially drivers don't get to knw the females numbers   they actually get the numbers from customer cAre not directly ..
Phone booth ladies garments brokrage nd trucks .
Understanding the customers is important.
Started a company in rani pet - leather business.
Joined nutrivita in chennai as a salesperson.
  Invested 3 lakhs in helmet business. and got 6 lakhs
Started hotel business invested 5 l each of 7 ppl his friends .. 35 l.. He leas completely lost his money
His friend Maria from...