Business Models and Systems

The business model is a company’s action plan to use its resources in order to create product that will give a competitive advantage over other businesses.   The components of a business model business commerce, business occupation and business organization.   These components are comprised of the business’s revenues, expenses, marketing and operating strategies.   Essentially anything that has to do with the day to day activities of a business is included in the business model.   Every business, such as a restaurant has a business model that includes these very components.
Bits and Bytes Deli is a restaurant that I use on a daily basis for lunch.   Business commerce is the process where goods and services are produced.   The goods that they provide are the different menu items, including my favorite the Turkey Floppy Disk sandwich.   The exchange of money for these goods are between me (the consumer) and the restaurant owner or worker.   I trade my money for the delicious menu items that are unique to this business only.   This trade fulfills my hunger and essentially satisfies both me and the business.   The business occupation consist of employees that are skilled in this area.   These employees go through training in order to produce the types of sandwiches that are served in this restaurant.   They are also trained in proper sanitation and excellent customer service.   They are required to take specific customer service classes as well to ensure they give each customer quality service.   Business organization is the last component.   This tool empowers and shapes the attitudes of workers in order to work toward a common goal.   The management has to be specific with the vision and share it with the workers.   It is evident that the employees enjoy the environment in which they work as well as the customers they serve.