Google's Business Model Canvas 2014

Business Model CANVAS with links 2014
Market capital : $400bilion.
4936 patents (1851awarded in 2013)
Best brand equity (most valuable brand)
Physical resources :47456 employees   ,85 offices   in 40 countries.
Corporate family :158 companies.
Credit Rating: A+
Data centers- One of the largest and greenest data centers among the companies in the world.
Google is king in terms of database
Technical Resources:
  * Adwords
  * Adsense
  * Search algorithm
Broad range of service portfolio.
Research and development: key resource as google spent $7.9billion in 2013.
Costumer resources:
Google+ is the 2nd largest social network website with 1.6Billion+ users and Youtube with 1 Billion+ users.
Human Resources: talented member with a highly productive and innovation motivating environment. Hence Google was named the Best company to work in 2014 for the 5th time.
Free integrated search engine with various formats for search.
Targeted   Advertisement by the use of behavioral targeting as well as the internet tracking technology....