Business Model

Business Model |
Amber Wofford |
September 30, 2011 |
Axia College |


The local pizzeria I chose is different from the others in our tiny town because it is locally owned by a family that emigrated from Italy.   The menu not only has pizza Americans are used to but includes Sicilian pizza and pasta.   Their family brings the real taste of Italy to a small American town without getting a passport.
Reno’s Pizzeria uses local produce when it is in season from the farmers market.   They also purchase locally when they buy supplies or items a supplier may not have had.   The restaurant sponsors the local ball teams so they can advertise on their jerseys along with sponsoring a weekly player from one of the high school teams.   All of these are examples of business commerce which is the process through which people produce exchange and trade goods for services.
The owners of this restaurant and pizzeria are a husband and wife team, both raised in Italy.   They learned their skills not from a culinary school.   Their training was passed down from family member to family member.   They produce pizzas that are nothing like the pizzas at other pizza places in the community.   This is an example of business occupation which is the acquired set of skills and abilities   that allows people to create valuable goods and services.   With their cooking skills and products made fresh upon request they are like no other.
Business organization is the system of task and authority relationship which coordinates and controls the interactions between people so that the work toward a common goal.   Reno’s has this with their employees.   Many of e employees have been with the restaurant since they opened in 2000.   Some of these employees are family and others have become family because they have been with the restaurant for 11 years.   This shows that the owners know how to treat their employees; this then shows through to the customers.
The three concepts listed above...