Bettina Liano - Fashion Design

Bettina Liano is currently one of Australia’s top fashion designers. She has been setting the pace for the Australian fashion industry since 1983. She has since then established herself internationally with stars such as Paris Hilton wearing the famous Bettina Liano Jeans. It is now an acclaimed brand of the highest standard with a whole network of stores dedicated for her signature collections.
Her dedication to her work involves paying the highest attention to detail. This allows her to design such trendsetting fashion which accentuates the feminine form without over flaunting the curves, creating the ideal contours of a woman’s silhouette. Her signature work are the trademark O skinny jeans which tightly wraps around the thighs yet still maintaining the comfortable loose feel. Her iconic subtle yellow tags on the twin needle stitched Italian denim jeans are seen and loved worldwide.
Liano was never the sewing type, yet her striking dress tops she designed were recognised immediately. In her latest collection she has skipped the runway for a cinematic experience. She mentions it ‘will represent our dynamic attitude and allow us to extend beyond the traditional live fashion show approach’. The story behind her collection is a hippie attitude and 1960s university student style. Drawing from a cross-section of vintages and genres it unearths a ‘Calamity Jane garden party’. Basically a strong feel of when cowboy meets Indian intricately weaved with a floral blooming lace, sequiuns, ruffles and tiers.
The Bettina Liano brand has opened up for the whole world, now located in all the major cities and of course with over 20 stores in Australia. Her distinct yet never-ending designs are an inspiration to all young aspiring fashion designers.
The artistically driven collections she endlessly designs is absolutely flawless. From form-fitting dresses to simple tees, Bettina has continually created spectaculous designs which continue to bring confidence to all women...