Fad Dieting

American people are always after the quick fix to solutions and when it comes to the body this usually come in the form of diet pills.   The alternative and healthy ways to accomplish healthy living include a healthy diet and exercise.   One thing is for certain America is hooked on quick meals and they are usually un-healthy ones.   A healthy diet incorporated with these quick meals can make for a better overall lifestyle. Exercise can help to compensate for these un-healthy meals.   The right combination of the two mixed with a little education can help Americans live a healthier way of life.

Fad Dieting and Healthy Eating
Motivation is a key aspect to anything anybody tries to conquer in life.   How that motivation is obtained completely lies on how the individual wants to attack it.   Being in shape and eating right is a goal of all types of people.   How it is achieved each year is completely different.   The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2011) states the national average for physical activity is approximately 75%. This sounds good in theory, but the national average for obesity from the CDC is about 35%.   With all this given it is very easy to get caught up in the hype of fad dieting and the quick results from these diets, but they are not long term nor do they help overall healthy living lifestyle; they can actually be a health risk.
Many people believe that eating bad can lead to a variety of different issues, if people would keep a balance between health food and the occasional treat, for that matter the daily treat they should be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.“ We are basically adapted to our ancestral environment rather than our contemporary environment. In our ancestral environment, securing enough food for survival was a serious challenge. In the process of searching for food, there is exposure to risks, such as predation; and the expenditure of energy.   It is necessary...