Celebrity Influence on Public Behavior and Relationships
      Celebrity influence has modified standard behaviors and attitudes among the public and individuals. Many people don’t recognize the primary influence that accompanies these household names. People have always emulated the so-called elite of the era. The research I conducted provides information regarding the influence and relationship between celebrities and the public. There is however, debate on how much of an influence celebrities have over society.   After finishing my own research I attribute the familiarity with celebrity as very influential to the behavior of members of the public.
      A celebrity’s body has become one of the determining factors in who gets media coverage and attention. When a celebrity gains weight or is alarmingly frail it is blasted throughout the media as if it were insurmountable news. Frequently a celebrity with a healthy physique is scrutinized and labeled as fat or overweight. Typically the celebrity labeled “fat” will undergo a transformation and lose the “unhealthy” weight. Many celebrities go to extremes to attain the perfect body. Alarmingly, female as well as male celebrities routinely deny that they follow strict diets and workout regularly. It isn’t unusual to see an underweight celebrity glorified in magazines as chic because she fits into runway and fashion forward clothing because she is so skinny. clothes hanger. More voluptuous or healthy celebrities have a difficulty wearing or fitting into fashion forward clothing. The women are also pressured to feel that they have to fit into the size zero clothing of the fashion industries. These denials cause numerous people to question their own body image. Celebrities fuel this dangerous problem by pretending they don’t work to maintain their physiques.
Although celebrities create a warped view of body image, they aren’t completely responsible for our society’s distorted perception. The academic journal attributed...