Explain Your Own Words, the Functions, Key Concepts and Principles of Assessment in Learning and Development

Explain your own words, the functions, key concepts and principles of assessment in Learning and Development |
Assessment Criteria Reference:1.1 and 1.2 |
Response:Assessment is a way in which achievement by a learner/student is judged through gathering evidence and benchmarking it against a set standard of performance. 2 things are needed for assessment to be carried out – performance standards (what a learner needs to do meet the minimum requirement of a QCF) and the evidence a learner produces to meet that standard.Assessment is completed to evaluate the strengths in a learner’s performance, taking into account prior learning and help to understand areas for improvement. It is valuable way to give feedback, impart new knowledge and allow practical application of new knowledge and skills that have been learnt. It benefits both a learner and their employer. The learner will be able to demonstrate an increase in skill & knowledge level and the employer will benefit from being able to take advantage of that increased skill & knowledge. You could also argue that it for the benefit of the assessor too – if you achieve job satisfaction through supporting others to develop and seeing them progress, then you will get benefit from being an assessor. There are various types of assessment – Criterion referenced and Norm referenced. The assessment used in Learning & Development is called Criterion referenced. This is where a learner’s performance is compared and benchmarked against a specific learning outcome or standard. This allows us to see how learners are performing specifically against set goals, objectives or standards – not how they are performing in relation to others in a larger group i.e their peer group, or others doing the same qualification. .There is also Formative & Summative assessment. Formative assessment allows feedback to be provided to the learner which will allow future delivery of the learner to be adjust and improve the learner’s...