Explain the Functions of the Assessment in Learning and Development.

1.1   Explain the functions of the assessment in learning and development.

The function of assessment in Learning and Development
Assessment can take part at different stages in Learning and Development and can sometimes be overlooked
Why assess?
If you have just delivered a training session and you don’t assess, how can you be sure that any learning has taken place?   Or if you are trying to work out a person’s level of skill in a particular area, how would you know whether their skill level is poor, moderate or exceptional without assessment?   There are loads of reasons to assess such as:
• Determining level of knowledge & understanding
• Ensuring that learning is taking place
• Checking progress
• Adhering to course criteria
Providing a summary to learning for the person doing the assessing, assessment means they can be confident that the student or candidate has the required level of knowledge on a particular topic or competency for a certain task.   For the student or candidate, assessment usually means reassurance of their own level of knowledge / competency and usually a certificate!
Initial assessment takes place before the course/ qualification to make sure the learner is right to be placed on the course. Initial assessment gives the information about their current level of ability and helps plan for future learning. We complete the skills scan to identify which units are best suited for the candidates specific job role, the candidate can also complete the Training Needs Analysis and performs the Key Skills assessment which identifies their knowledge in English and Maths, all of the above are part of the formative assessment.
Formative assessments are a continuous process that is used to provide feedback to the learner’s specific level, it makes the learner aware of their current achievements as well as myself being able to self assess my role as an assessor as to the effectiveness of my own teaching to that particular learner which may...