Explain Why It Is Important to Continually Improve Your Knowledge and Practice

• Explain why it is important to continually improve your knowledge and practice
In my opinion it is important to continually improve my knowledge and practice so i am aware of current legislations and guidelines as they are continuously reviewed in the care industry. Improving my knowledge in my work role is as vital as it is a good practice because I have to be familiar with current company's policies and procedure to be in a position to pass on any information to my colleagues. In doing so will help them improve their knowledge so they carry out their roles effectively. To help support my team I will do this in supervisions on a one to one basis or during team meetings.
In my experience learning to improve my knowledge has been a way of gaining new skills to enable me to progress in my career as a senior support worker. I feel that my personal and professional development benefits both myself and the company because it helps me maintain and provide high level of care. Currently I am up to date with all relevant training needed for my role but I still make sure I attend refresher training and also by new training that because relevant at the time specific to the young people I support in my work role. As a senior support worker I am responsible for my staff that I supervise, other professionals and service users so it is important for me to be knowledgeable in my work role to be as effective as I can.