Explain How You Have Monitored the Effectiveness of Communication Systems and Practice

2.1 Explain how you have monitored the effectiveness of communication systems and practice
Good communication within my team and outside professionals provide the key to providing quality care, all our houses work on the policy of an effective system which ensures that all information is passed on in a consistent manner and records are made enabling the service to be monitored, which give support learning from experience.
Good communication within the service are recognise by many authorities including the current regulations the care quality commission (CQC) effective communication has many advantages, it enables feed back and information on the outcome of service users. Who needs to know and enables action to be taken as a result.
It enables the team members to be able to make a contribution to important decisions which not only improves their motivation by helping them feel involved but to ensure that their experience and perspective can be taken in to account
We also use formal communication is very important and promoted through the whole of the company that i work for, but we also have hands on communication , I believe that everyone is aware of the importance of importance and how it enriches the lives the service users that we look after and the need to know and that staff are always open to ask questions or bring issues when they are on shift, they are also formal opportunities to share any information, team meetings, supervisions, job chats and yearly we do appraisals. I implement   good communication to all my members of staff which gives them the tools to do their job to a high standard because they have the knowledge and information to complete their task in a professional manner. In some company's their will be constant change, staffing shortages health issues with service users tension between staff, all policy's and procedures and guidelines must be followed to support staff in these cases.