Help Improve Own and Team Practice in Schools

Harpreet Matharu

Unit 206 - Help improve own and team practice in schools

As a TA, it is very important to continue professional development because it does not only give me more hands-on experience but also an awareness of the ever changing policies, which gives me a better chance of supporting the team leader. Also to contribute as an individual, but also support the working team as a whole.

On a personal note for continuing professional development would have to be to promote self-confidence and broaden the knowledge gained to better my skills and update myself on what’s changing around me. For example, recently the reception class had been refurbished and the class had to be re-organised, tables had to be set, files sorted, cupboards de-cluttered, etc. This was only achieved by all members working together as a unit and the many ideas that came together, that worked out in the end.

This course has involved a role of observing other members of staff doing things that are new, receiving instructions from other members of staff on new things I have to do, having the opportunity to practice new skills, reading play work theory and researching relevant research. I also want to continue on with level 3 next year as ongoing process to support my individual professional development.

Understand the work of the team

Making a school successful takes more than individual effort, it takes teamwork. Individuals need to work together towards shared goals and commitments focusing on meeting the academic and social needs of all pupils in the school. Whilst it is important to know and succeed in your own role within the school it is also beneficial to have knowledge of others roles within your team and how you all can work effectively together. It is also crucial for the team to have regular meetings to enable the staff to implement new ideas or plans, solve problems, discuss, prioritise and accomplish important tasks, which in all will benefit the pupil’s...