Explain Why It Is Important to Take a Balanced Approach to Risk Management

2.1 Explain why it is important to take a balanced approach to risk management

Safety considerations need to be balanced with children's needs for play, learning and fun in the playground.If we try to remove all risks from children’s lives we could be risking to restrict their learning experiences.There is a growing body of research that highlights the benefits for children when play environments provide risk and challenge, it should be added that 'risk free' playgrounds can actually diminish learning and development opportunities.Risk and challenge in playgrounds must be age and developmentally appropriate for the children who will use them ( age of the children, the nature of activity, the physical environment, the level of supervision required should be taken into consideration). For instance situations such as, climbing stairs, visiting park, using a hammer, or lightning a candle are experiences where is important to access the real level of risk.Appropriate risk-taking during play helps children improve their motor skills, balance and coordination.Children given opportunities to take risks develop confidence in problem solving as well as developing decision-making skills needed to make accurate risk judgements.Risk experiences can extend the children’s learning and understanding on how to manage the real world in which they live.Learning to take risks through play is an import way of helping children to cope with, and master, challenges and phobias that form part of their lives.Risk assessment is an essential part of activity planning and a wide range of factors should be taken into consideration. After doing a good risk assessment the activity can go ahead with the understanding that little accidents that might happen are a part of everyone’s learning experience.   |