Health and Safety

Support children and young people's Health and Safety

        Essay 1.1
Describe the factors taken into account when planing healthy and safe indoor and outdoor activities
All schools have a health and safety all activities planned must be in accordance with the health and safety policy
Factors for indoor activities
I.we must give priority to the individual need,ability and age of the children
For effective teaching and learning,each individual's need should be considered.some might be visual learners,some might be auditory learners and some might need visual and auditory the learning and teaching aids should be both audio visual.The topics chosen should be for the appropriate age group.The previous knowledge should be assessed and and the topics should help in building up the concepts that they have.We must consider the ability of individuals as well.
2 The Environment chosen must be safe.
The environment chosen should be safe .It must be close to the fire exists and   the fire exits must be clear at all times.The floor should be clean and all equipments should be kept away to avoid tripping Hazards.The electrical equipments used should be in good condition to avoid the hazards due to electrical shocks.
There should be a first Aid box in the room.It is essential to have a telephone,to ring up emergency services if necessary,Emergency medication
Should be safely kept in the classrooms.
3 The environment should be healthy.There should be proper lighting in the room.And the room should be well ventilated.Windows should be open if possible.The room should be spacious enough to accommodate the number of pupils involved in the activity.
Maintaining a hygienic environment is very essential.The toilets have to be clean.There should be an adequate supply of wipes and toilet roles.
4.specific needs of the individuals should be considered.If individuals/pupils have any special behavioural programmes,they have to be...