Sarah Briggs

In 250 words below to explain and justify the reasons behind your choice of teaching and learning approaches and use of resources, for your Microteach delivery.
I have chosen to choose cup cakes for my micro teach as it will be fun, interactive, creative and stimulating for my students. Cup cakes are bright, tasty and can appeal to both sexes and all age groups. I have also loved making them since I was a young child and wanted to pass on my skills of making them.
I wanted to make sure that my students would not only learn something new but feel that they had achieved something after the 30min session. I also felt it was important that they had something to take home to show others what they had achieved.
I have chosen a variety of teaching and learning methods ensuring that I have a mix of Visual, audio and Kinaesthetics learning preferences.
At the beginning I will use a fun and interactive warmer, using jelly beans. This will be amusing, interactive and stimulate the students senses of taste and be visual with the bright colours. The students will then have to introduce themselves relieving certain information depending on the colour of jelly bean. This will be interactive and audio.
Next I will use the interactive board to display images of cup cake designs and we will discuss when they might make the cakes which will involve group discussions and I will use the wipeboard to write up the ideas. This will involve audio and visual teaching.
I will then hand out a recipe and give a demonstration of how to make the cakes, which will be visual, followed by the students then making their own cakes, which will be a practical kinaesthetic experience.
After they have made the cakes I will ask the students to taste one of their cakes and to reflect as a group on how the cakes look and taste and how they might do things differently next time. This will use their taste, visual and audio senses.
Finally I will give a final handout with a cup cake...