Pttls Practical 4 - Sports

PTTLS Task 4
Explain and justify the reasons behind your choice of teaching and learning approaches and use of resources for your micro-teaching session.

I have chosen to use a variety of teaching and learning approaches to ensure that my session will cater to all of the students learning styles i.e. Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. To achieve this I will be using a PowerPoint presentation that will contain key words as well as other information that will be easily processed by the Visual learners, while going through the various points I will be expanding on the information within the PowerPoint so that the Auditory learning style will be catered to. I have also decided to use group tasks in which the groups will discuss and come up with reasons for warming up and cooling down as well as a separate task in which they will come up with three different stretches and then demonstrate those stretches to the group, the Kinaesthetic learners will then be able to embrace and practice the stretches, when the groups demonstrate I will also be sure to enforce correct technique for each stretch. I have also designed a quiz that will be completed by each student at the end of the session so that I will be able to ensure that learning has taken place. The reason I chose to teach the session “reasons and components of warming up/cooling down” was because I feel it is a great introduction to practical instruction and within those two elements there are various ways of interacting with the group and creating a fun and productive learning environment using the group tasks.