Explain Agreed Ways of Working with Employer.

The employer makes the policies and procedures, which relates to the job done available to their employees and these are available in the houses of the clients and also made public for the employees to access, if the need arises. This in turn will enable staff to work safely and competently within the field they are assigned to. This therefore makes it very crucial and vital for the agreed ways of working to be present and be kept up to date as often as possible, as there may be changes in the stated policies within the law to help protect the vulnerable in the care field. As a carer my employer owes the responsibility to implement them to help us the carers to effectively protect the vulnerable people who we care for in the care setting. Furthermore, it is my responsibility to get copies of these policies, as within the Freedom of information Act I have the right to get copies of the policies and procedures in order for me to familiarise myself with policies, to keep myself the individuals I support and my colleagues reasonably safe from danger or harm and to attend training to be able to update my knowledge and skills and be up to date with the policies and procedures.
In order to implement the agreed ways of working, the carer has to also follow the individuals care plan because as a carer you have to exercise a level of care towards an individual, as is reasonable in all the circumstances, in order to avoid injury to that individual or their property and this will be made available in the care plan. The care plan will contain information about what care the client needs and how to go about it. E.g. you might have to use a hoist in a client’s house because that meets their needs and it is present in their care plan.   However the same cannot be done in another client’s house if it is not stated in the care plan, because it is not an agreed way of working and as a carer, I am going contrary to my duty of care.