Agreed Ways of Working

What is meant by ‘agreed ways of working’?

‘Agreed ways of working’ is working with an individual with their preferences, wishes and needs in mind. You will find this out when you read the individuals care and support plans as well as communicating with them. It is important that you follow the individuals care and support plans and understand and respect what the individual says they need. You have a professional duty of care to the individuals you support. Your role is to guide and support them and to help them live as independently as possible. You should listen to individuals and never put pressure on them.
The importance of having full and up-to-date details of the agreed ways of working
It is extremely important that the individual feels in control of any decisions that is made on their behalf. The individual must feel they can trust you to act on their behalf without agreeing to something the individual disagrees with. If the individual does not feel they can trust you, this can cause them unnecessary stress and lead them to do things they do not want to do. You must ensure you are working and making decisions with the individuals beliefs, views and opinions in mind.

Why it is important that you follow the limits of your job role

It is important that you follow the guidance about the limits of your job role so that you are able to know what duties you are supposed to perform. Going beyond these limits could result in situations you are not equipped for and may affect the health and safety of yourself, other staff or service users.