Explain the Ways Which You Would Establish Ground Rules with Learners.

Question 4 Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin appropriate behaviour and respect for others.
All students are different, we have to consider there personal circumstances, situations and ability before setting ground rules but this does not excuse things like bad behaviour, disrespect   and other disruptive behaviour. We have to remember the students are adults, and may not have had any sort of education for some time, so there fore should be treated as such, giving them more responsibility and trust.
I feel that the best way to establish those rules is to let the learners decide for themselves, that way the learners are more likely to keep them. If the tutor was to make the rules without taking the learners opinions and situations into account, the learners may feel less respected and become resentful. Having rules gives a firm show of authority, students will then know there boundaries and limits they can work within.
The ground rules should be given at the start of the course and should be made up by the class in a group discussion, so everyone is aware of the rules and they are agreeable. Ground rules should consist of:
  * Arrive on time
  * Mobile phones/music off
  * Be polite and courteous to all
  * No eating
  * Listen and contribute to class

Ground rules are not just for the students but also the students will expect the same standard of respect from the tutor. For example:
  * Being professional
  * Being punctual
  * Organised
  * Tutor knowing what they are delivering
  * Giving feedback and positive criticism.
After the rules are agreed, they should be printed out and handed out to the learners or put on the wall, were they are visible to everyone.