Explain the Ways to Embed Functional Skills in Your Specialist Area

Explain the ways to embed functional skills in your specialist area
Functional skills are core practical skills in literacy, numeracy and information communication technology (ICT) that provide essential knowledge and understanding.   They provide individuals with the skills and abilities they need to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life, their communities and work. Individuals possessing these skills are able to progress in education, training and employment and make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work.   It is expected that teachers of adult education courses will embed functional skills in their courses.

My ‘Why is losing weight so difficult’ course is aimed at broadening individuals knowledge on losing weight and dispelling myths associated with weight loss.   My course embeds functional skills to help develop individuals’ aptitude, attitude and behaviour. These skills encourage individuals to make positive changes to their lifestyle to aid weight loss.

My course incorporates literacy skills by:
  * encouraging effective listening and communication through open discussion during sessions
  * contributing to discussions and working in groups
  * reading food labels, menus and diet sheets
  * keeping food diaries and devising action plans

My course incorporates numeracy skills by:
  * adding up calories
  * working out their body mass index, using metric measurements
  * weighing out portion sizes
  * weighing themselves and measuring their waist circumference
My course incorporates ICT by:
  * encouraging learners to use relevant websites for further information and support
  * taking pictures of themselves to monitor their weight loss progress
I have incorporated functional skills into my course without consciously thinking about it.   I now plan to incorporate some additional ICT components where possible.