Week 9 Executive Summary

Divine Insurance Agency Executive Summary

Divine Insurance Agency is a small insurance company looking to provide the lowest cost of insurance at an affordable price to in a non-standard insurance world to people who for any reason can’t get a standard insurance company to write them a policy. We will sell directly to consumers which gives a direct savings to you the customer. We also will provide excellent customer service to customers with up to date technology and the best customer service representatives who really know our products and will continue to grow with the industry through training, and continuing education courses.
Our goal at Divine Insurance Agency is to select, hire and train the best possible candidates to give life to the vision we have for the company.
Human resources will work closely with members of management to ensure we have a diverse group of team members to work closely together in order to provide the best claims service to our insured’s and claimants throughout their claims process. Being in an accident is traumatizing so we must have the right personnel in order to make this a smooth process.
The duties of the selected claims representative will be to provide proficient, fast, and professional service to all customers while adhering to all state guidelines for proper claim handling. They will have to investigate, evaluate and negotiate first and third party auto liability claims including but not limited to physical damage, ie property damage, collisions, comprehensive, towing and rental vehicle damages. All claim adjusters will have to come into direct contact with customers, field operations (appraisers), underwriting, vendors, and body shops.
The qualifications for the job entry level to college with no prior experience as the new employees will be trained according to the policies and procedures within the company and also state laws and statues. They must have the ability to read, write and analyze information within...