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Coach Executive Summary

Coach is a company that started in 1941 and has since grown dramatically. Coach began only making leather goods and several years later started to make and sell a much broader range of products. Coach is not only sold in the United States but also internationally. Coach is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and owns a separate Japan company as well. Coach has also made significant improvements in the company’s financial status within the last decade, has formed The Coach Foundation, and has also been an avid donator of time and money to many charities worldwide within the last few years.
Coach started out as a company that was known for making quality and unique leather goods; the popular signature style and Coach emblem with the horse and carriage distinctively identifies the Coach brand. The company was founded in Manhattan in 1941. Six artisans began handcrafting leather goods in a Manhattan loft and quickly built a large customer base because of the quality and unique craftsmanship of the Coach products. In 1999 Coach launched its online store at (Coach Inc., 2011). After launching the Coach website the company has flourished even more and is a larger and more prominent business with more than 400 Coach Stores in the United States and Canada. Coach products are also available in more than 900 department stores in the United States, 182 international department stores, retail stores, and duty free shops located in more than   20 countries, 161 department store shop-in-shops, retail stores, and factory store locations owned and operated by Coach Japan, Incorporated (Coach Inc., 2011). With Coach is one of the most recognized accessory brands in the United States; they also strived to increase international distribution and gain an international customer base. They planned to do this by starting a company called Coach Japan Incorporated, which is fully owned and operated by Coach; this gives them complete control...