Executive Summary

  I. Project Overview

Pope Collision Center is a local auto repair facility that was selected as our client for this year’s web design project. The company is located in Whitewater, Wisconsin and has served the local community for the past five years. Pope Collision Center has struggled with effective advertising over the years and simply wanted to obtain greater exposure with its customer base by implementing an attractive and informative website. The critical requirements for the website were established early on and consisted of the following:

  * Brief description and mission statement of the company
  * Services offered
  * Customer Care offered
  * Contact form
  * Location and directions
  * Photos
  * Testimonials

Since our client lacked the expertise and knowledge with website design, we were given the liberty to come up with an operational design and feel for the website. The design process continued to be an ongoing collaboration with our client throughout the project’s timeline.

  II. Conclusion
Our team successfully completed a web design project for Pope Collision Center that met their critical requirements and portrayed a professional image. The main focus of the website was to convey a message of quality and experience in repairing vehicles. We believe the most powerful selling tool a company can utilize is the praise and accolades from their own customers, which is why we prominently displayed scrolling testimonials on the home page, in addition to having a dedicated page for all testimonials.
The website was designed with a custom template, which focused the look and feel around adverse driving conditions that most people associate with auto collisions. The stormy theme, car image and embedded sound gave a look and feel to the website that was immediately recognizable. In addition to the look and feel, most of the critical requirements were accomplished with 3rd party extensions that simplified the...