Examination of the Ways Inequalities Are Made and Remade South Wales

The objective of this work is to examine the way that inequalities are made and remade in South Wales. As this study will relate, there are inherent inequalities in South Wales both historically and traditionally. The work of Winckler (2009) entitled “Equality Issues in Wales: A Research Review” that statistics on equality in Wales is based on measurements relating to race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, and religion. The report states that there are 10,000 refugees and 2,500 asylum seeker in Wales, in addition to 2,000 Gypsy Travelers. Men are outnumbered by women. 29 percent of the population is 60 years old or older. An approximate 27 percent of the adult population is disabled.
I. Poverty and Social Exclusion
Winckler states that sufficient evidence exists to make the conclusion that ethnic minority groups along with individuals who are disabled and children and young people as well as older people “experience poverty and social exclusion to a greater extent than other groups.” (2009) The report additionally states findings that an approximate “26 percent of children and 18 per cent of pensioners live in income-poor households, with a smaller but still substantial proportion of both groups also lacking ‘necessities’.” (Winckler, 2009) The report states that those likely to have no savings includes “Older people, households with dependent children and some female age groups…” (Winckler, 2009) Those most likely to have access to credit and to be able to use credit includes younger people and men. (Winckler, 2009)   The report states that a poverty of fuel “…is concentrated amongst vulnerable groups which include households with an older person, child, or disabled person.” (Winckler, 2009) Older people were found to be much less likely than other age groups to “have access to digital technologies or to use the internet. “ (Winckler, 2009)
II. Inequalities in Access to Transport
Stated as well is that disabled individuals “…face...