Drawing Upon What You Have Learned About City Road, Outline Some of the Ways in Which Differences Are Made and Remade on a Street That You Know.

Drawing upon what you have learned about City Road, outline some of the ways in which differences are made and remade on a street that you know.

Rue du Marché is a main shopping road that passes through the city of Geneva. Geneva is the most highly populated area of French speaking Switzerland with a population of 457,628 as stated by the Office Fédéral du development territorial, 2010.   Rue du Marché is very cosmopolitan and used daily by an array of people. To understand the make up of this street today, it is important to reflect on the changes, both economic and social that have taken place over the past 65 years.   I shall discuss just a few reasons why some of the differences on this street are made and remade. Although quite different from ‘City Road’ we see a similar pattern that exists in parallel to their individual characteristics, (Blakeley et al, 2009, p. 17), one being the change in which type of business gave strength to their local economies.

Having had a long history and strong hold in the Watchmaking and Chocolate industries, which still enhance tourism today, it was decided shortly after WWII that the UN Headquarters were to be based in Geneva.   This brought about huge economic change as it instigated much of the development of business and tourism that we see reflected on the street today.   The main business we see having developed is Worldwide and Private Banking. This being the case, a very large, transient expatriate community has developed; but also developing overtime in conjunction to this is a large immigrant population that has come to Geneva to escape poverty and war and to make it their permanent home.

The buildings themselves have visually changed at eye level as chain stores have moved in to cater to the growing international communities, both expatriate and immigrant.   The exteriors of the above levels have been preserved in aesthetic appearance to cater to tourism. The interiors have   undergone a total change in function...