Discuss Some of the Ways Differences and Inequalities Are Made on Streets in the Uk

Discuss some of the ways differences and inequalities are made on streets in the UK

Differences and inequalities are made on the streets in the UK by society. The street is a place which reflects society and the fact that there are differences and inequalities which are inevitable. Mutley Plain is an example of a street in the city of Plymouth whereby differences and inequalities do exist. On the historic main route in and out of the city, Mutley Plain is made up largely of Victorian buildings. When Mutley Plain expanded many years ago so did the traffic, pedestrians, material infrastructures and local shops.
According to Bromley (‘Making social lives on City Road, 2009, Scene 5) City Road is a straight road which is used as a main route for commuters similar to that of Mutley Plain. Nevertheless, Mutley Plain has many side roads allowing the traffic to flow in different directions. Because of the side roads there may well be a difference in heavy traffic flow compared to city road. However, it would seem the more traffic increases the more likely risk to pedestrians on the street. Therefore suggesting heavy traffic may cause tensions between them both (Making social lives DVD scene 5). Like city road Mutley plain has a number of pedestrians which it would seem are competing for space on the street. So barriers, for instance, bollards and traffic lights are put there by local councils. Although it would seem the barriers are needed for somewhat ordered lives, it could be suggested that bollards are an attempt to allow pedestrians to have easier lives on the street (Blakely et al 2009). Yet this could be argued that car drivers are excluded from these areas suggesting another inequality could be being made.
What's more is the difference between night and day on Mutley plain again a similarity to City road. Some may be using the street in the day to get to another place; some may be using the street for activities involving the shops. Yet some people are...