Evaluation Essay

Evaluation Essay: The Hawks Prairie Restaurant

      My favorite restaurant to dine at is The Hawks Prairie Restaurant. The Hawks Prairie Restaurant is a well-known local restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes. The Hawks Prairie Restaurant is a mid-priced, causal restaurant specializing in American food.   I love the experience of dining at Hawks Prairie because the atmosphere is welcoming, the food is great and the service is excellent. A particular visit last month proved to me that Hawks Prairie lives up to the expectations of its guests.
        Hawks Prairie’s creed is “It’s always a goodtime at HP”, is true for me. The casual attire allowed me to feel relaxed like I was at home. It was loud at times but gave me the feeling of being with a large family eating great food and having a good time. The walls had very decorative local décor and made me feel like I was in my own home. Pulling into the oversized parking lot, the first thing I noticed was how clean the parking lot is. I found the restaurant overall very well maintained and clean although the floors were a little on the messy side.
      Hawks Prairie offers a wide variety menu of traditional specialties. First I started off with an appetizer. I ordered a Caesar’s salad where you between a half salad or a full salad. I am a big boy so I had the full salad while I was taking a look at the menu. It contained a wide range of steaks, hamburgers, chicken dishes, seafood and breakfast items that you can order anytime of the day. The meal I ordered was the five piece chicken strip dinner that comes with two sides and any sauce you would like. It was Sunday and football was on multiple tv’s throughout the restaurant, so I was in the mood for some finger food fun, so I ordered fries as my two sides. I was very satisfied with my salad, my chicken strips and of course two helpings of fries.
      And finally the service at Hawks Prairie caught my attention. As soon as we walked through the...