Telecomunication in the Caribbean

Oct. 8, 2010
English Essay

Evaluation Essay
In my last two essays where, one was about a narrative essay and the other one about   argument of fact. The first one emphasizes a story about “the election in Haiti”, which claims the “suffering of the people after the earthquake” and the other issue, which is the “hurricane”. Secondly, “the different aspect of the early Church compare to the Church today”. Due to the 2010 Haitian earthquake the election was originally been indefinitely postponed. Although November 28 was then decided as the date to hold the Presidential and legislative election Following the earthquake, Because there were concerns of instability in the country, and the election comes amid international pressure over instability in the country. Then also what about the second essay which is about “Church”, Church today, still gathers together in an assembly, yet there are some things that are not the same as in the century Church.
What can we emphasize about those two subject? At first, Many people in Haiti thought that was not the right time for elections. Because the situation is really bad. When I wrote : “ The disastrous and anarchistic environment that prevails, reminds us this city of Port-au-Prince hasn't gained a liveable life style from such a large natural disaster. Where the earthquake took 1000's of lives and destroyed around 100's of thousands more”. Later I wrote that David said that “Even without this prospect, many practical questions remain unanswered, with serious doubts over the organisation of the elections on November 28th. Some areas still have no voting centres. The metropolitan area, where more than 4,000,000 people live, is almost completely destroyed. This month, for the series of national exams”.   And He continue to say that:   “More than 43, 374 students will participate in the Western, Southern, and the Nippes departments”. Meant most of the schools were destroyed and scores of teachers and students perished. We look at...