Examine the Evidence Surrounding the Assassination of John F. Kennedy and Evaluate Who Was Most Likely to Have Killed the President.

The horror and shock that followed the November 29, 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy is overshadowed by only the more shocking and ruthless cover-up of the crime. The evidence surrounding his assassination has created great controversy. This essay will examine the evidence and evaluate the most likely suspect or suspect groups that may have been involved in committing and getting away with such a murder.  
Lee Harvey Oswald’s was the main suspect assessed by the warren commission in the assassination of JFK. An aspect of the case against Oswald is the lack of motive on his part to commit the murder. The “lone nut” theory was one that the Warren Commission brought about in their investigation, trying to prove that Oswald did conduct the assassination clinically and effectively; which from the evidence proved to be impossible. His connections to the Cuban exiles, the Mafia and the CIA make him into a key figure for which evidence is in support of his involvement. Oswald was known to have worked for the CIA which was an organization fighting communism he later defected to Russian and returned to the U.S. with a Russian born wife without ever being questioned or interrogated.
A Manlicher Carcano Rifle was found and thought to have been the weapon used by Oswald to commit the assassination. The nitrate test given to Oswald, returned positive for traces of nitrate on his hands, but a negative result of his cheek proved his innocence. However even if the result of his cheek test was positive, military records confirmed his best shot was a mediocre shot, how could he have achieved this shot if the best FBI marksman could not achieve this let alone someone like Oswald ?
Lee Harvey may have indeed been involved in the assassination but the evidence shows that it would have been impossible for him to pull it off alone. Others must have been involved.
Further evidence suggests that the mafia could have had adequate input into the assassination
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