Evaluate the Uk University System and How Effective Is It for Chinese Students

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Evaluate the UK University system and how effective is it for Chinese students

From:ZiLin Xu (hugo)
Class:Business D
Date:28 July 09

I:explore UK education
  A: effective for Chinese student
  B: compare system
  C: advantage and disadvantage

II: Introduce UK system and what’s the problem on it.
  A: Three types of higher education
      1:sandwich benefit
  C: The University problem
      1: Cut in tearching hours and classes sizes
      2: The government respond
      3: The students respond
III: Independent learing and how effective is it for Chinese student.
  A: Independent learing
      1: Taking notes
2: online study
3: make timetable
  B: compare with study
  C: compare with life of campus

IV: what’s the benefit from students.

Evaluate the UK university education system and how effective is it for Chinese students ?
Britain has established a worldwide reputation for excellence in universities, but it also cause some problems on it.The criteria essay will explore the benefit of the UK education,and weaknesses and how effective is it for Chinese students.It will also compare with the Chinese system and look at the both of advantages and disadvantages .

Three types of entities impart higher education in the UK- colleges, universities and institutions of higher education. Non-university higher education institutes also provide degree and other post-graduate courses, but they have to fulfil certain criteria to attain university status.The various qualifications offered by universities in the UK can be broadly classified into four divisions like degree courses, vocational training, diplomas and postgraduate courses. There are also sandwich courses whereby part-time work and real experience is sandwiched or interspersed between the course duration. While the first degree...