Reality Tv and the Uk Voting System


Reality Television.

“Audience are what make reality TV, they have the voting power to decide the outcome of the shows just like or similar to our democratic society”

In this thesis I am trying to show how similar the voting system works in the television industry to the voting system in society.

Audience of reality television shows have the power to decide the outcome of a show similar to a   democratic society. Society in this world has a provides the voice of the   public, they have the opportunity now to vote and have a say in what happens in our world today. The voting system in the UK   and in many other countries has been put there for the public, to make things like voting for the political parties fair. There is no way or very little chance of cheating the system as everything is done in a professional and audited mechanisim. The voting system is done by using the first past the post “The UK uses a first-past-the-post system. To become an MP, a candidate simply has to win more votes than any rival in their constituency, not a majority of votes cast.” The "First past the post" and "single member plurality" describe the Canadian electoral system. In each electoral district or riding, the candidate with the most number of votes in an election wins a seat in the House of Commons, or the legislative assembly in provincial and territorial elections. The leader of the party which wins the highest number or seats, rather than the party with the highest percentage of the overall vote, is asked to form the government.”   This is done in a slightly different way in television. The format is the same as they are voting for a winner, their favourite, but the difference is that on a reality show the audience/ Public is asked to phone in and vote.   They either have a number to call for each contestant or have one number to call and then are ask to press one number on their phone which represents one of the constants. They voting system is very simple. The...