University Should Accept Eauql Number of Male and Female Students in Every Subject, Do You Agree Pr Disagree

Since the feminist movement, females have been enjoying invreasingly equal opportuninties as males do. The number of female stundents cover about a half of college student population, some individual argue that complete equality in all subjects in terms of student number is advisable. I am, however, disagree with this proposal.

To be first, the enrolment of men or women in each major should be dependent upon their respective academic performance and overall ability, rather than some unrealistic percentage quota. Girs usually donot do well un science and thus have little chance of completing against boys in the math department. Similarly, it is difficlt to find boys studying education or nursing care, for many of them just donot have verbal skill or patient to become a qualified teachers or murses. Given the difference in their inherent abilities, it is right to expect boys and girls to have separeate academic pursuits.

Besides, the natural interest of both sexes should be taken into consideration when we appriach this issue. By compelling some girls to study engineering merely to incerase the female percentage, universities are foring them to work against their natural inclination while denying other boys the chance of pursiting their real interests. In general, it is as hard, for examle, to persuade male students to learn embroidery as it is to coax a gril into studing anatomy.. Therefore, student should be given the freedom as to what subject they wouls like to learn.

Furthermore, education being a prepartion for their future careers, universities should mark the fact that ceratin jobs are gender-specific. Takd most manufal work for example. It is physically realistic for a woman to be a consruction worker, a plumner of a firefighter. At the same time, men can hardly succed as murses or kindergarten teachers. Understandably, gender differences shall be taken into consideration while students are still in college.

It is netiher realitic nor necessary...