Etma 01 W100

Question 1

Read the extract in Box1 and explain it in your own words.

The   word   plagiarism   originates   from   the   latin   word   “plagiarius” meaning  
“kidnapper”.   This   describes   the   basic   principles   of   a   plagiarist,   someone  
that   “kidnaps”   work   which   is   not   their   own.

Whether   a   person   is   not   entirely   assured   with   their   academic   ability   or   they  
may   display   an   inadequate   knowledge   of   what   is   required   in   there   chosen  
level   of   study,   these   could   be   the   reasons   that   lead   them   to   replicate   another   persons   work.   This   can   be   identified   as   plagiarism.

There   are   several   interpretations   of   what   constitutes   as   plagiarism.   This   can  
be   copying   another   persons   work   in   its   entirety,   by   getting   another   person   to
complete   work   for   them   and   by   altering   certain   parts   of   someone   else’s   work   with   the   intention   of   passing   this   off   as   their   own.

There   are   numerous   degrees   of   severity   to   plagiarism,   starting   with   plagiarism,   intentional   plagiarism,   plagiarism   with   intentional   fraud.   An   example   of   this   is   if   a   student,   who   is   not   confident   in   their   abilities,   is   set   an   assignment   and   they   search   the   internet   for   information. They   come   across   a   completed   piece   of   work,   they   proceed   to   copy   the   completed   piece   of   work   changing   no   part   of   it,   they   then   hand   in   the assignment   as   their   own.  

Question 1
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Question 1 Bibliography
The Open University (2008) inapprioriate academic practice [online],§ion=4 (Accessed 9 August 2012)

Question 2

Read the extract from the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 in Box
2. Using this extract only, answer the following questions.

a) According to the...