eTMA 03


        The essay I am about to write is about the concept of legal personality. I have been asked to evaluate the importance of it. To enable me to do this I’m going to read through Block 2 Legal personality, Rules, Rights and Justice: an introduction to law. I will complete all the activities in there so I get a better understanding of the subject. I am going to talk about how Legal personality affects different people, in different circumstances.

Main Body

          Legal personality can be of importance to different people in different situations. When life begins and a human adopts Legal personality is seen to happen at different points in time by different points in time by different people. Some say that an unborn child has Legal personality if they would have lived a normal fulfilling life once born. If a unborn baby was to be harmed whilst inside its mother and it was done intentionally then should the culprit be convicted of the crime? If the unborn child had Legal personality then the answer would be yes. However some say that an unborn child should not be given Legal personality as it is not born yet then it is not seen as being a human being.
        Not everyone has the same amount of human Legal personality though. For instance, children do not have the same Legal personality as their parents or another adult. Children do not always know what is in their best interests so giving them too much Legal personality would not be appropriate. It is left to the parents to make legal decisions on behalf of the child, because being a parent you are expected to make the right decisions that are in the best interests of the child. However, sometimes this decision has to be taken away from the parents and put in the hands of a judge and the courts. For example if a child has a medical condition and needs tests or treatment and the parents refuse this for whatever reason. If the medical team, doctors, surgeon, etc feel that it...