Estblishing Ground Rules with Learners

Establishing Ground Rules with Learners

Before you can set the ground rules it is essential that you deliver to the learners a positive and confident attitude in your manner and behaviour. This is important so the learners will feel confident in you and respect you as their mentor. You are a role model and should reflect behaviour that you expect back from the learners; for example if you can not be bothered to turn up on time then why should your learners be bothered?
The relationship between you and your learners is a two way thing which should involve all parties to cooperate in decision making so that every body is engaged and involved. In this way learners are treated as responsible people and this will be duly appreciated and hopefully reflected in their manner and actions. Maybe the learners could suggest their own rules and offer ideas for small rewards if rules are kept such as a fun session during a lesson.
The ground rules will be about codes of conduct and respect to others and will include issues such as turning off mobile phones during class, not bringing in food and drink, not swearing during the class or interrupting other people while they are speaking, handing in homework on time and respect for others whatever background they are from. These examples and other ground rules   should be delivered in a simplified and summarized non-Draconian way so that the learners can easily absorb the information and then the rules can be backed up with a small and concise list that can go up on a notice board so that everybody can be reminded of the rules if need be. Maybe everyone could be given a copy which they can sign as a promise to themselves and you, to stick to the rules, in this way forming a solid contract between you and your learners.