Ta4 - Analyse Different Ways in Which You Would Establish Ground Rules with Your Learners, Which Underpin Behaviour and Respect for Others.

There are numerous ways to determine ground rules with learners; in this assignment I will explain some of the most important ones underpinning behaviour and respect for others.

To achieve respect and appropriate behaviour from learners I must set some clear boundaries and rules to which we can work to and it is paramount that these are prepared understandably early on so everyone knows the limits, without these rules disturbance may happen unsettling the learning.

When teaching, I will prepare information in a form of a letter for the learners to receive beforehand with the place and time they will start, and what they will need to bring with them (pen, paper). I will be early so I can organise the room and set out any resources. This will show me in a proficient manor.
I will welcome all learners and then go through some housekeeping (where the toilets and emergency exits).   I will establish a few ground rules that I feel appropriate. To ‘Be punctual’ (so I am able to keep to my timetable,) ‘turn phones to silent’, (avoiding disruptions) ‘Confidentiality’, (in Early Years we have a need for discretion) and ‘Respect others’. I will then ask the learners what rules they want, this will give them ownership to these rules. I may need to negotiate some rules and some rules may be in line with legislation, (health and safety related, drink not being near ICT equipment). I will clarify and displaying the rules showing clear expectations on boundaries. This could be interpreted as Tuckmanns ‘Forming, Storming and Norming,’ then the learners meet as an impending group; they via for position as they attempt to establish themselves before the expectations of behaviour begin to emerge.
Having ground rules provides definite boundaries for all to work with. If a rule is broken, as adults, the other learners will often warn the person, supporting the teacher’s rules. If this were not the case it would be advisable to go over the rules again to all learners. If this did...