Analyse Different Ways in Which You Would Establish Ground Rules with Your Learners, Which Underpin Behaviour and Respect for Others.

There are three main styles a teacher can use to establish ground rules with learners. These will all underpin behaviour and respect for others in different ways. These approaches are:

• Autocratic
• Democratic
• Lassiez faire

My personal opinion is that autocratic combined with a democratic method is the most effective approach, where the lassaiz faire approach may be less successful.

An autocratic teaching style involves the teacher establishing the ground rules prior to a class and not including the learners in any sort of discussion to work as a group to create them.

‘This is the teacher who has to control everything students do and is often threatened when students vary in their behaviour. They show this by handing out harsh sentences for even small infractions of the rules.’

Charles, CM (1996) Building Classroom Disciplines USA: Longman Publishers. At [on-line] (accessed: 19th July 2010)

The autocratic style demands respect but also requires learners to be submissive which can be a disadvantage.
Other disadvantages are:
• Students that learn from an open discussion based learning environment will suffer because there are no options for debate
• The learners gain no ownership for their work
• It can create a hostile, negative, rebellious and resentful atmosphere

There are also advantages to autocratic teaching styles such as:
• Establishing clear health and safety rules
• Time keeping and punctuality
• Appropriate levels of discipline

These are non-negotiable; therefore establishing them in an autocratic manner prevents any nebulous preconceptions.

Another style of teaching is the democratic teaching style. This is a more diplomatic style of teaching where both the teacher and the learners have a say.
In establishing ground rules, the class may use discussion and spider diagrams, then debate the options. The teacher would add information where needed and keep the discussion...