Option 1: How does poverty affect people’s health and well- being?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (WHO, 1946).   People with low incomes, particularly those who live in poverty, face particular challenges in maintaining their health.   The term poverty is usually used to simply refer to a lack of money, but living in a state of financial instability is both physically and emotionally damaging. To be able to achieve this, one has to take into account the whole person and Ronald Labonte interpretes these three dimensions such as physical capability, including vitality and energy, mental health essentially described as having meaning and purpose in life, and a social context of connection to family and others in the community.   People need energy and connection to others to enjoy good social relationships, connection to community and a sense of purpose to feel some control over life, and both energy and a sense of purpose to be able to live enjoyable lives (Hashagen,2003 cited by K101,2010).
This essay will explain health and well- being according to Labonte’s model and outline the effects of poverty on people’s health and well- being.

Labonte’s model of health shows that the three components, physical, mental, and social well- being are interconnected.   According to him, people need to have energy that is physical capability and a sense of purpose (good mental health).   They have to be able to enjoy good social relationship by feeling connected to others (social well- being) and to have energy. They need to feel a sense of purpose and connection to others to be able to feel in control of their lives.   Then finally, when they can do things they enjoy and have good social relationships and feel in control of their lives, then they feel a sense of well- being.   However, all these can be affected by poverty which is having an income less than 60% of the...